Portraits of Manitou by Artist C.H. Rockey

Now showing through November 30

The Manitou Springs Heritage Center and Museum and The Rockey Art Museum proudly host their exhibit “Portraits of Manitou by Artist C.H. Rockey.” Learn more about Manitou Springs’ legendary artist, writer and illustrator, Charles H. Rockey, through his series of paintings, drawings and etchings.

“Portraits of Manitou by Artist C.H. Rockey” features original town views and significant historical buildings including The Cliff House, Barker House, The Wheeler Town Clock, Miramont Castle, Craftwood Inn as well as individual residences, parks, bridges and neighborhood scenes. Alongside Rockey’s art, historical and current photos and maps will depict the locations for the artwork.

The Rockey Art Museum is at 10 Canon Avenue Manitou Springs. For more information, call 719-982-4330 or visit the website. Open Friday through Sunday 11am–5:00pm or by appointment.

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