Now Open Old School” Manitou – Education from 1872-1957”. 

HH exhibit 2

See our high school’s championship trophies, its school banners and memorabilia from the past. Remember those Sadie Hawkins dances, rolled up t-shirt sleeves and bobby socks? Is the school mascot a Mustang or a Wild Cat? Green and gold are the colors of the day.



Rita Overholser Forsett 1956 prom dress


Rita Overholser Forsett with prom dress wore in 1956

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Class of 1912

Girls-Basketball-Team_sml Heritage Hall Heritage Hall Girls-Basketball-Team

*Heritage Hall*, a collection of artifacts/memorabilia from the 1872 thru 1956 era .

Alumni of these years donated cherished treasures in order that the early school years’ history could be visibly portrayed.  This collection totals over 1600 items of ephemera, objects (sport jackets & letters, a band uniform, a prom dress, shop projects in wood and leather) and narrative exhibits about the school and its superintendents since 1872. Included in this collection are 2 displays honoring the alumni that served in the armed forces during WWI. WWII, and Korea.


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