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Oct 1 The Cabinet of Dr.Caligari (1919)

A man named Francis relates a story about his best friend Alan and his fiancée Jane. Alan takes him to a fair where they meet Dr. Caligari and a somnambulistic, Cesare, who can predict the future. When Alan asks how long he has to live, Cesare says he has until dawn. The prophecy comes to pass, as Alan is murdered and Cesare is a prime suspect.
Starring Werner Kraus and Conrad Veidt
Run Time: 0:51:01

Oct 8 Condemned To Live (1935)

 After a series of unsolved murders, a man finds out that his mother was bitten by a vampire bat during her pregnancy, and he believes that he may be the vampire committing the murders.

Starring Ralph Morgan, Pedro de Cordoba and Maxine Doyle

Run Time: 1:05:09

Oct 15 The Phantom Creeps (1939)
The Phantom Creeps features Bela Lugosi (as Dr. Zorka), a mad megalomaniac genius with a utility belt and a sack of gadgets that would make Batman and James Bond blush, against a team of CIA-types, a reporter, and local law enforcement.
Starring Bela Lugosi
Run Time: 1:18:20


Oct 22 Bela Lugosi Meets a Brooklyn Gorilla (1952)

Entertainers Duke Mitchell and Sammy Petrillo parachute into the jungles of the Pacific island of Cola-Cola, where they meet primitive tribesmen, the chief’s sarong-clad daughter Nona, and mad scientist Dr. Zabor (Bela Lugosi) conducting experiments in evolution. Jealous of Mitchell’s relations with Nona, Zabor has just the thing to make a monkey of him.

Starring Bela Lugosi

Run Time 1:14:07 

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