“Nikola Tesla and Gilded-Age Science in Colorado Springs” October 1st

October 1 •••Saturday 11am and 2pm “Nikola Tesla and Gilded-Age Science in Colorado Springs”

The Cool Science Festival and the Manitou Springs Heritage Center and Museum welcome Patric Ryan and Dr. Steve Ruskin in a joint presentation and panel discussion, “Nikola Tesla and Gilded-Age Science in Colorado Springs.”

The recent popularity of the show The Gilded Age highlights how America grew from 1870 to 1900. These were Colorado Springs’ formative years, and science and technology played an important role. Learn about the advanced scientific work of Nikola Tesla, wireless telegraphy, wireless power transmission, his interplanetary communications and death rays. Many of Tesla’s experiments were conducted right here in Colorado Springs in 1899-1900. This exciting panel will discuss all these topics, including the advanced scientific work being done in Colorado Springs from its founding in 1871 until Tesla’s arrival in 1899.

The live presentation will be held at the Manitou Springs Heritage Center, 517 Manitou Avenue Manitou Springs, Colorado 80829. Visit our free museum. For more information, call 719-685-1454, email:, or visit Open Wednesday, Friday through Sunday Noon-4:00pm or by appointment.

11am program is SOLD OUT

Pre-registration for 2pm program is required for this event: Teens & Adults, 50 maximum.

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