The Cool Science Festival and Patric Ryan present “Nikolai Tesla”

When: October 9th at 10am

Where: Manitou Springs Heritage Center

Was he a mad scientist or the most brilliant scientific mind in history? Join the Manitou Springs Heritage Center for this virtual presentation and learn about the advanced scientific work of Nikolai Tesla, wireless telegraphy, wireless power transmission, his interplanetary communications and death rays. Many of Tesla’s experiments were conducted right here in Colorado Springs in 1899-1900 and this exciting talk will discuss all of these, and more!

Patric Ryan is a U.S. Army combat veteran who received a Fine Arts degree from the University of Georgia. He has appeared on stage many times and has been in a few films. He has been a producer, actor, director, and stage manager for various projects. He is currently writing the play and book series Mark Twain and the War of Wizards, which is a historical fantasy about Nikola Tesla, his rivalry with Thomas Edison, narrated by Mark Twain. He came to Colorado Springs to do research on Nikola Tesla and fell in love with the area. He is currently working with world famous, artist and sculptor, Stan Mullins to build a statue of Nikola Tesla for the city of Colorado Springs.

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Note: The City of Manitou Springs requires Covid masking for all indoor events.

Pre-registration Teens & Adults, 40 maximum.

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