A Rockey Tribute presented by David Ball

Saturday February 27, 2021


A Rockey Tribute  

The Virtual Museum, sponsored by the Manitou Springs Heritage Center, proudly hosts a live online presentation, “C.H. Rockey and Love Songs of Middle Time” by David Ball.  Learn more about Manitou Springs’ legendary artist, writer, and illustrator Charles. H. Rockey

The link to watch a replay on Youtube is here

Here is another video featuring interviews with Rockey

And here are the essays David Ball referred to:

CHRockey-1960-Essay-Feeling-and-Expression CHRockey-ExhibitEssay-ART EXPERIENCE-BAC-1992 CHRockey-ExhibitEssay-ART_IS-BAC-2001

CHRockey-ExhibitEssay-ART EXPERIENCE-BAC-1992


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