Check out our YouTube Channel: Recent Programs & Historic Speaker Series 1998–2004

Check out our YouTube Channel. Not only do we have Zoom recordings from recent virtual presentations, we have been able to upload video recordings made in 1998 – 2004 from the Historic Speaker Series. Homer Sharpton, Henry Willie, Jack Willie, are names that may ring a bell.

A complete listing of all YouTube Channel follows:

  1. Manitou Springs Historic Speaker Series
  2. 1998 The Mineral Springs of Manitou Springs presented by Marie Bettie (Sharpton) Daniels
  • 1998 Manitou Springs Business Pioneers presented by Homer Sharpton and Belvadene Boyd
  • 1998 Pikes Peak America’s Mountain presented by Paul Idleman and Mike Doty
  • 1998 Hi Jinx and Horseplay presented by Allan Dickey, George Skiffington, Belvadene Boyd and John Paulson
  • 2001 “Mabel Willie – Manitou’s Most Colorful Mayor” presented by Henry Willie, Jack Willie and Jane Hart
  • 2004 The Davis Castle, Pumpkin House to Prom Queen. The Rigors, Surprises and Joys of Restoration presented by Neil Plass
  • 2003 Hold That Pose. Historic Photos of Manitou Springs presented by Jack Elder
  • Exhibits
  • Van Briggle – The Manitou Connection
  • Pikes Peak Peanut Pusher
  • A Visual History of the Mount Manitou Incline
  • 2020 Speaker Presentations
  • The Pikes Peak Hill Climb Museum Hall of Fame presented by Don Sanborn
  • The Peak of Racing – Pikes Peak International Hill Climb presented by Chris Lennon
  • The History of Baseball in Colorado Springs presented by Roger Hadix

Nikola Tesla presented by Patric Ryan as part of Kool Science Festival

The Summit of Pikes Peak presented by Eric Swab

200th Anniversary of Edwin James’ Ascent of Pikes Peak presented by Phil Carson
2021 Speaker Series
CH Rockey Presented by David Ball
Discovering the Anza legacy presented by John Anderson

Fremont Experimental Forest Station 1909 – 1935 presented by Eric Swab

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